Lotus Cars

Times are changing at Lotus, and they have embraced it with the all-new Eletre; an all-electric SUV infused with racecar DNA. This iconic British brand has combined classic Lotus performance and driving dynamics with luxurious comfort and smart practicality. After this innovation, they are dedicated to ensuring that every customer has the best experience possible. That's what I focused on in my time at Lotus. Together with agency Code d'Azur (Amsterdam), I improved the user experience of the online environment of Lotus.

Role: Product designer

Focus: UX design, UI design, Mobile design, UX research, stakeholder management, concept development, prototyping

Agency: Code d’Azur

Year: 2023

A little bit of history.

Lotus was founded by Colin Chapman in 1948 in Hethel, UK. A maverick engineer and era-defining mind, Chapman believed in the power of simplicity, subtracting the superfluous and investing in the essential. Over the years, Lotus has remained true to its founder’s inimitable spirit, with countless racetrack victories and engineering breakthroughs to its name.

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Is this really the best experience we can offer?

During my first few months, I primarily focused on the service flows of Lotus. During this time, I improved the process of reserving a car, requesting a test drive, and the screens where Lotus offers stock cars. To begin the redesign of these user flows, we asked ourselves an important question: “Is this really the best experience we can offer a customer who is willing to buy an (very, very) expensive car?”. Of course, ‘expensive’ is a relative term, but we still wanted to go the extra mile.


Selling a car takes more than just displaying its attractive features. 

Over my last period at Lotus, I worked on several Nurture campaigns. In the first campaign, the Welcome Series, we introduced new users to the brand and products. It was also a great way of gathering customer data, which helps build a relationship, increase engagement, and set the stage for future sales. And then, at some point, the moment arrived: they actually order the car. Our campaign, the Waiting program, didn't leave them in the dark, but instead informed and educated them about their future car, by sharing features, tutorials, and tips.


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