ABN AMRO Bank - Innovation centre

ABN AMRO Bank consistently directs its investments towards promising emerging technology companies to foster and accelerate innovation. In my role, I was responsible for critically evaluating the proposals from these ventures and conceptualising their ideas. This involved branding and creating (rapid) prototypes. Furthermore, I used these prototypes in user interviews to assess the viability and effectiveness of the actual proposition. Most of the ventures launched their products and are now active in the market; Tikkie is one of the examples.

Role: Product designer, UX strategist, UX researcher

Focus: UX design, UI design, mobile design, brand strategy, visual identity, prototyping & testing, art direction

Year: 2022


Venture ‘Payday’. Instant payments for gig-workers

Payday is a first-of-its-kind financial service in the Netherlands. It provides gig workers, like babysitters, taxi drivers, cleaners, on-call-workers, and other platform workers, instant access to their earnings directly after they finished their job, instead of having to wait for days or even weeks to get paid.

The most important UX-goal was creating a fast and easy onboarding process and creating a clear financial overview. At a later stage, services like automated tax-returns, financing, and insurance will be added, making it even more user-friendly. 


Venture ‘Cyberscherp’. A cyber security awareness program for businesses.

Have you ever clicked the ‘send email’ button and then realised you’ve sent it to the wrong person? Well, that’s just one example of a potential data leak. Cyberscherp is researching and developing a digital story-driven, enjoyable, and effective training to raise employee security awareness and help avoid such incidents.They are doing that by doing lots of prototyping, usability testing, and interviews. And all with one goal in mind: to launch the most effective cyber security awareness program for businesses.


Venture ‘iDentiPay’. Identify and pay in the safest way.

IdentiPay is an application that lets you share your identity and payment methods in a really safe way, without unwillingly sharing your personal data. I can hear you thinking: hey, that sounds difficult. How did you technically manage that? Fair question, but luckily I was just the user experience designer in this venture, so I mainly focused on doing lots of interviews with potential users about the perfect tone-of-voice, branding, and information architecture.


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